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Blog Post #5 Static Testing

After working with Checkstyle in the recent activity, I wanted to look more into other static testing tools, but this led to me focusing on the purpose and function of static testing. I had an idea on how it worked prior to the activity, got practice using one of its tools in the activity, but […]

Blog #4 Mock Testing and Dependencies

I wanted to learn more about mock testing after working with it and other testing approaches in the recent activities. There are some parts of mock testing that I am think I could understand better after doing some more reading on it. The process and purpose of mocks make sense to me, where mocks are […]

Blog #3 Decision Tables

Decision Tables have been one of the tricker concepts for me to understand and work with, and was one of the tougher sections on the recent exam for me. I think part of it is me mixing some of the terms up, such as at the conditions and rules, which leads to weird looking tables […]

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